Rarely is there a headphone so incredible, it completely silences the competition. Here’s how Sony wowed the judges with the superb MDR-1000X, proving themselves to be the industry leader in noise canceling technology.

SENSE Engine

The most technologically-advanced noise canceling headphones today, the MDR-1000X doesn’t just block ambient noise, it analyzes and callibrates itself to the shape of your ear for truly personalized noise cancelation.

Dual Noise Sensor

The MDR-1000X raises the bar with built-in sensors and two Ambient Sound modes so you can benefit from premium noise canceling anywhere you go, while still being situationally aware and able to hear important audio cues.

Quick Attention

Place a palm on the right-side cup to instantly drop the volume to carry a conversation. Lift your hand off to go back to your music. This ingenious feature is so simple yet useful, you’ll wonder why don’t all headphones have it.

Hi-Res Audio

The MDR-1000X has an unfair advantage over the competition, as Sony LDAC technology enables Hi Res Audio wirelessly. Also, Liquid Polymer diaphragms support frequencies beyond human heading, ensuring every note is reproduced, whether you hear it or not.