Small, Deadly and Modular

Named after daggers like the ROG Gladius, what makes it different from the rest?

The ROG Pugio is a mouse that comes with some modular parts and interesting design. It is an ambidextrous mouse that allows usage via both left or right hands, and it also comes with ASUS’ Aura Sync to brighten up your table.

The first major plus of this mouse is with its modularity. You can take off the pesky side buttons and replace it with non-contact ones to disable the button completely. Therefore, you can eliminate accidental clicks completely without having to unbind them. Another thing that can be swapped are the Omron switches that are present in a mouse. Although compatible only with Omron D2F and D2FC switches, you can swap switches easily by removing the screws and take out the ones inside for the switch of your preference. Now that we are introduced to this feature, we hope that more companies will be willing to enable this feature in future products.

The design of the mouse is pretty standard, however. It has a LED strip that’s raised above the bottom of the mouse built into the body, showing off the Aura RGB lighting. Like the Gladius, the side grips of the mouse are designed with Mayan inspirations, and it grips well indeed. However, considering how ASUS wants us to treat the mouse and prolong its life, we wonder how well would the grip hold up throughout years of heavy use.

Programmable with up to 7,200 DPI, 150 IPS and 30g of acceleration, this mouse should be able to tackle all your gaming needs. All you need to do is download the ROG Armoury program and configure everything from there and you are good to go. While testing the Pugio we felt the capability of nullifying the side buttons a godsent, as we do accidentally click on them sometimes


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