A new generation.

A new socket—that inevitably means new motherboards. And this generation is no different. Each time we get a new architecture, a new chipset, we see refined iterations of the brands and models we love. Whether it’s Asus’s prestigious ROG Hero and TUF Sabertooth motherboards, or MSI’s ACK and EVGA’s Classified series, there’s always some new feature ready to be baked into a fresh design.

It’s arguably one of the best parts of the modern tech industry. Not great for those looking for a cheap and easy upgrade, but for anyone building a fresh system, it ensures you’re getting the very latest and greatest tech possible. X299 has been one of the more controversial releases from Intel, but the boards that have come along with it have been exceptional. Asus’s TUF X299 Mark 1 is a fantastic example. Catering both to the high and low end, this plated and armored mobo comes packing integrated cooling, multiple PCIe lanes, subtle RGB lighting, a rear I/O cover, and fantastic onboard support for any number of interface devices.

It’s also one of the cheapest motherboards currently available on the platform, making it fantastic value (relatively) for those wanting to build a super-clean system. If the armor isn’t your thing, though, fear not, because the TUF X299 Mark 2 is available armor-free.




Rear I/O covers have become the norm for any premium motherboard. They hide any unsightly connectors, keeping your system looking tidy and clean. They also help reduce dust build-up.


Memory frequency on DDR4 seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. The Mark 1 can support kits with frequencies all the way up to 4,133MT/s, with 128GB of capacity


Now this is how good mobo RGB lighting should be done. It doesn’t look like a poor man’s nightclub. It’s simple and sophisticated, lighting up only the logo to anything that takes your fancy


The TUF brand has always been known for its impressive cooling. Check out this integrated fan, designed to help cool the M.2 hidden under the armor below.


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