D-Link DAP-1365

Having options is always ideal and this device from D-Link can be useful if you need to use it on the go

Although high-end routers these days are more than enough to cover most premises, some homes have blind spots, while large offices require bigger coverage. When cost savings is a consideration, wireless repeaters like the D-Link DAP-1365 are often considered.

Since this plug-in WiFi range extender is meant to be portable, D-Link made sure that it is small. In fact, the DAP-1365 is the size of the standard homeplugs you’d see from the brand. There are no other accessories packed inside the box, but a simple quick installation is provided to get you going.

D-Link DAP-1365Depending on your region, the plug used is also configured accordingly. Of course, the ones sold here will use a 3-pin plug. Besides that, it also has two fold-able antennas on the sides, as well as an Ethernet port and WPS button on the right. Ventilation can be found on the top and bottom, so as to help the device dump the heat that is generated. Lastly, the default SSID and password of the device is printed on the side where the 3-pin plug is. Consider removing it as a precaution.

D-Link DAP-1365Setting up the range extender is straightforward enough. The first and easiest way to do so is to connect your router to the device via Ethernet port. You can also connect it to your router through WiFi, or by pressing the WPS button on the device and the router you want to connect to. We found that it takes a few minutes for it to properly pair, so don’t worry if nothing happens immediately.

Other than the above quick methods of connecting the device, users can also use the QRS mobile app or by using a computer. This has the advantage of allowing you to change the default SSID and password of the DAP- 1365, which is what you should do to increase network security.

Once it’s set up, you can get extra coverage in areas you need by connecting to the device’s SSID. Also, note that pairing it with a router via WPS syncs the password of the device with that of the router, while the SSID will be similar (in all cases) to your router’s SSID, with the ‘‘-EXT” suffix at the end.

While relatively affordable and a convenient way to extend your WiFi network, the DAP-1365 isn’t an ideal choice to go with Wireless-AC networks, at least not if the user wants to maintain the speed in the extended range. The N300 extender regularly gave us 250 to 300 Mb/s speeds, which is much slower than AC routers and thus unsuitable for high-speed networks