DJI Spark

Feature-packed drone that work like magic

Now, you’re going to love them even more because they put all of the good stuff necessary for a fun flight in a dependable 143 × 143 × 55mm drone that weighs 300g.


1.The Spark recognizes your face

As soon as it does, the FaceAware feature sends the Spark flying right off of your hand. The drone also takes pictures mid-air when you prompt it via hand gestures without having to use a remote control.



2.Just like its big brothers

DJI Spark avoids obstacles like a pro. But that is just one of its FlightAutonomy capabilities made possible by the 3D sensing system, Vision Position System, and dual-band GPS.

3.Known for return

It wouldn’t be a DJI drone if it can’t return to its liftoff spot or “home” without your guidance. Just prompt the Return-to-Home button. The Spark can do so on its
own, too, when the battery power dips too low or when it gets lost

4.Pilot the Spark

You can pilot the Spark using your smartphone via the DJI GO 4 app, where you can also edit and share your videos—no need for a separate remote control. From there, the drone follows several pre-programmed flight modes, tracks a fixed subject, and goes to wherever you tap on the preview on your screen.

5.Spark with 12MP

The spark uses a 12MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor coupled with a 25mm f/2.6 five-element lens. With the 2-axis mechanical gimbal, camera shake is reduced and your shots stable

For More Information: DJI Spark