Drones are no longer just for sinister military types and pro filmmakers – allow DROIDMAVERICK to help you home in on your perfect airborne companion.


Drones with four propellers are generally cheaper than those with six or eight, but if you want speed then the more the better. And the controller? Massive ones offer greater control, but they can also be overwhelming for beginners. Look out for drones that can be operated by your phone or even, in the case of the DJI Spark, with hand gestures.

2.Eye in the sky

Flying is fun in itself, as any pigeon will tell you – but if you want to marvel at photos and video from the sky, best check the camera specs. Some drones capture 1080p clips at a smooth 60fps; others, such as the Yuneec Typhoon H, offer 4K at 30fps. On the stills front, consider whether you demand easily editable RAW files, as some drones only snap JPEGs.

3.Maximum air time

Battery life is a hugely important factor with drones, because once that power pack is dry your wings are clipped. The DJI Phantom 4 scores highly for stamina, but even that won’t stay in the air longer than half an hour. Some pilots invest in extra batteries to avoid frequent trips to the mains, but these can be fairly pricey. You could also get an in-car charger

4.A bird in the hand

Drones are getting smaller, lighter and easier to carry around – but truly portable ’copters often sacrifice flying stability, battery life or camera quality in order to shave off millimetres… or they simply cost more. You’ll have to pick your priorities – but there is one drone whose performance belies its titchy size, and that’s the brilliant DJI Mavic Pro.

5.Inside track

Not all drones are up there to film stuff – some miniature models can be flown indoors without the risk of injuring anyone. Who fancies a laser dogfight?


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