HP OMEN Desktop


The latest HP OMEN Desktop is designed for true performance that will excite any gamer. It’s overbuilt and over-engineered to deliver bold innovation in the gaming space, to bring to gamers easy upgrades, improved cooling, and high performance graphics allowing gamers to reach the limits of gaming.

HP OMEN DesktopUnique HP Design

The front panel has a beautiful carbon fibre weave pattern which is accentuated by the Dragon Red LED’s that give the entire desktop an ominous glow.

Optional Water Cooling

If you want extra silence and cooling performance you can add-on an additional AIO cooler from HP, mind you in such a small case it’s only capable of holding a 140mm radiator, but we’re pretty sure that’s all you will need.


HP OMEN DesktopPortability Is Possible

Weighing in around about 18kg, the HP OMEN is still portable per se. While you might
not be lugging it around all over the place, but it’s light enough for you to carry to a
LAN party. It even has a latch handle for you to carry it easily.

HP OMEN DesktopHot Swap Drive Cage

The HP OMEN has hot swappable drive cages that allow you to easily pull out your old drives and swap in new ones in a jiffy. It is initially hidden under a shroud but it opens up just by pulling open the top to reveal the cages.

SLI and CrossfireX Ready

You can fit high performance graphics up to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti or dual Radeon RX580 if you ever need more graphics performance to play the latest games. If dual cards aren’t what you need you can always get a single GTX 1070.