The market is awash with trackers designed to measure performances on your bike, or big running sessions out on the tarmac – but what about your driving? TomTom has the answer in the form of a smart device and app combo that enable you to gather data on your skills behind the wheel and see in real time just how good a motorist you really are.

It’s easy to use, too – you simply plug its sensor into your car’s OBD port, download and launch the app and pair the two. Once synced, you’ll be able to get information in real time regarding your acceleration, braking and cornering with colours from red to green helping quickly sum up your most recent driving session.

Each of these areas is given a score, and you can track these scores across multiple periods to see how your performance fluctuates. You’ll even get tips on how to improve certain areas if you’re looking to take your motoring skills to the next level.

TomTom Curfer