Lenovo Ideapad 710S Plus

We got to take a look at one of their latest offerings in the Lenovo Ideapad 710S Plus, and here’s what we think.


This particular Ideapad is as understated as any laptop from this line. The body is plastic made to look like brushed aluminum, and is pleasantly thin and light, starting at 2.4 lbs, and 12.09 x 8.42 x .55 inches. The keys are the usual island keys we see a lot of in laptops these days, with a matte, rather than shiny finish, and backlighting. The hinge is a typical solid bar, not the watch strap affair they have on the Yoga line. The screen is sufficiently large, framed by a large bezel top and bottom, and flush against the frame. This is a detail we will come back to later, so put a pin in that.


This diminutive little device has quite a bit of muscle. With a Core i7 processor ticking at a maximum of 2.9 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce 940m make it more than capable of pulling its own weight, up to and including a bit of gaming. Our model had a 500 GB SSD, which offers enough room for everything you’re likely going to need from a laptop, and helps the 46 WH battery last a goodly time. Being a newer device, it also comes equipped with a USB-C port on the right side, and for added security, and a simpler login process, you get a fingerprint scanner in an unobtrusive spot on the flat of the wrist rest.

The screen is a 13-inch, QHD+ IPS affair that’s plenty bright, and sharp enough for practically everything you need. Lenovo has even been kind enough to include JBL-branded speakers with Dolby certification, so you know you can get proper audio from it.


The Lenovo 710s Plus is a great little laptop. It’s light—which means it’s easy to carry around— which means you’ll actually carry it around with you. No more compromising with a tablet and folding keyboard, as long as you have a bit of space to spare! It pops into my smallest work bag with no trouble at all, and when it’s there, I hardly remember I have it.

Despite being small, thin, and light, the 710s Plus is no slouch. With Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors running the show, along with 8 GB of RAM, this is a laptop that can carry its weight and then some. Don’t insult it by simply running word-processing programs! This is a little beast. Large spreadsheets handling plenty of data, rendering the odd video or two, and even some light gaming are well within its abilities. Sure, you might not be able to bump everything up to god-level graphics detail, but it’ll give you playable frame rates on a lot of the titles available. On low settings, 1366x 768 resolution, Rise of the Tomb Raider runs at an acceptable 30FPS. Not exactly earth-shattering, but remember, it’s way smaller, lighter, and more handy than almost anything else in its segment.

Another standout thing on the device is the keyboard. It feels great, with enough travel, and a satisfying tap with each keystroke. The low profile of the device doesn’t seem to affect key travel at all, which is extremely pleasing. The same goes for the touch pad, which has just enough bite so you aren’t all over the place.

The 710S Plus also has a fingerprint scanner, so you won’t have to input your password or PIN ever again if you don’t want to. It is actually quite handy, and something I didn’t really think I wanted on my laptops again until recently. This is a flat little square, not unlike phone scanners, and not the old-style swipe-scanner we used to see on older devices.

Battery life on the 710S Plus is fantastic. I routinely got over eight hours of use at the office with it, though that time is usually only spent writing and editing articles, as well as playing music. Streaming videos might drop that down a bit, but knowing I can get a full workday of use should I forget the power brick at home is a great comfort, and priceless when you’re on the road a lot.

When it’s time to relax, you can count on the 710S Plus to perform admirably as an entertainment device. The JBL and Dolby partnership really shines here, delivering punchy audio for such a small profile. You’ll need a bit more power should you be catering to a large crowd, but for solo watching, or with a buddy, it is plenty.

The screen is also quite pleasant. Bright, roomy, and vivid, it’s fine enough so you won’t be squinting to try and make out details, and really quite thin, which minimizes the flapping around some larger, heavier screens seem to suffer from. The bezels are a little large, but it’s not a big deal, as it actually does add to the look, since it’s flush with the rest of the screen.


Converted, this laptop will run you upwards of PHP 70k. That might be steep, considering all the options available, but the overall package—looks, performance, and all the little details such as the audio, backlit keys, and discrete graphics, really lend themselves to a device that’s as versatile as it is pretty, and that’s worth it in my book.

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