Simple Excellence – Logitech G413

Sometimes the fancy features are not required and it’s better to go back to the basics, as Logitech demonstrates here.

In a market that’s beginning to be saturated with gaming keyboards, how do you stand out from the crowd of rainbows and Cherry switches? Well, maybe ditch the rainbow and Cherry switches like Logitech’s G413 Carbon did.

The G413 Carbon looks very similar to a lot of the newer G-series mechanical keyboards, except now Logitech has ditched the bulky ‘gamer-style’ keyboards they used to make in favour of this minimalist approach. It has all-black switches and a body just as pitch black, as well as slim dimensions that make it easy to fit on most users’ desk.

At the back, you’ll find the USB pass through near the top-right, one we found a little too tight for use; trying to plug a pen drive in was annoyingly tough. Right next to the USB port is the cable that splits into two at the other end for the keyboard itself and the USB pass-through. Too bad, it’s nondetachable. Lastly, we also found two rubber feet that open sideways for extra elevation, as well as a cut-out for cable routing of your mouse or smartphone’s cable.

The backlighting is available in only red colour, while the lighting effect is limited to ‘breathing’ or always on. That’s unfortunate, but at least the red backlighting comes out bright and strong. Also, the FN key is on the right side of the space bar, making it easier to reach the keys programmed for multimedia use. However, there’s no dedicated macro keys here so you have to programme them yourself with the Logitech Gaming Software.

As with many of the newer Logitech keyboards, the G413 Carbon uses the company’s in-house Romer-G switches. These require little actuation force, allowing for faster key presses and faster in-game response. At the same time, they’re nonclicky so that your teammates won’t have to hear the mad staccato of your gameplay on voice comms. The key caps have some coating on it to prevent sweat too. There are even some key caps designed in that angular shape seen on the Atlas Dawn keyboard’s keys, which we honestly don’t like and didn’t bother to use.

While there’s not much you can do with the G413’s lighting, you do get to customise game mode, create a ‘Heat Map’ for your keystrokes, create personalised macros, or use the Overwolf plugin for some extra integration with selected games. The latter ranges from quirky things like helping you suggest decks in Hearthstone, or actually useful mods like quick access to in-game inventory – all of which can be downloaded from the Overwolf Apps store.

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