Gaming on the go has never been easier with the GS63VR

With notebooks catching up in performance with their desktop counterparts, maybe LAN parties can be a thing again and the MSI GS63VR 6RF is definitely heading in the right direction. Sporting an Intel Core i7 processor and a desktop equivalent GTX 1060, you’ll have enough firepower to play the latest games anywhere you want. At only 1.81kg, it isn’t even a hassle to carry around in your backpack or messenger bag, considering it’s a 15.6-inch notebook. Before we forget, the GS63VR uses a 256GB SSD for quick startup and speedy load times, plus a 1TB HDD for storing your favourite movies or anime’s. We brought the GS63VR around with us to hang out with our friends and even use it as a work notebook, without feeling encumbered by it. We tested the GS63VR on games like Dying Light, Left 4 Dead 2, StarCraft 2, Overwatch and League of Legends, all of which played flawlessly on the GS63VR. The notebook was also relatively silent, only getting loud during games like Battlefield 1, but can still be considered on the quieter side. A small issue we had was the palm rest being warm on the right side, which is probably where the graphics card is installed, people who use the WASD probably won’t even notice, but if you’re a left handed gamer you might feel the heat.

Leaving that aside, the heat dissipation is great on the GS63VR. You can even see the Cooler Boost Trinity fans from the bottom of the notebook. The RGB keyboard is also amazing, the keys have a nice tactile feedback and is quite nice to type on. Build quality of the notebook is great as well, it feels solid even with its light weight should be able to take a bit of a beating.

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