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World Smallest 4G phone with 3 days battery life

Can't handle huge smartphones ? Jelly is world smallest 4G phone with screen size of 2.45 inch but don't let that fool you. It comes with Android 7.0 and access to most of the Google Play Store apps. It comes with 3 colors which is white, blue...

HTC One A9s – Quick Review

A Budget Buddy Alternative HTC One A9sOut-of-place Fingerprint SensorI’d much rather prefer the fingerprint sensor on the A9s to be at the back of the device rather than the front as it just doesn’t feel natural when holding it in your hand.Subpar Battery LifeThe battery...

Hottest SAMSUNG S8 – Preview its last big phone was prone to explosions, Samsung needs the S8 to be spectacular. Not just ‘quite good’ or ‘kind of alright’, but amazing enough to eradicate the memory of that combustible catastrophe. Here’s why we reckon it might just do the...

Tech News

Digital Attack: ATM Hacked

Kaspersky has analysed the ATMitch malware in detail and found that this particular malware empties ATMs without leaving behind any trace. Employees of a bank...

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Create your first website

Create your first website

HOMEPAGE IS WHERE THE HEART IS Create your first website by following these five simple steps SETTING UP A WEBSITE CAN BE daunting. Googling it will turn up...

What Is Ransomware?