Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth

It’s not every day you come across a pair of headphones that has been designated the Official Headphones of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, let alone a wireless pair. With the partnership between the Rock Hall and Klipsch, one such pair of headphones came into being, and it’s the Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones.

Now, with a birth certificate like that, it’s obvious what kind of music this pair has been tuned for. In fact, instead of our usual routine of going through the exterior before putting a test subject through its paces, we went ahead and gave the Klipsch Reference a run through our usual test tracks, and some extra rock songs of our own, as well as some pop rock from the 90’s. Through it all, we were very tempted to say that the Reference was made as a tribute to the electric guitar, as unfair as it is to the other instruments. The mids are certainly where it’s at, with the highs being amazing when they’re not drowned out by the mids. Resonance was great too, which makes it the pair of headphones to have on when you’re looking to relax to some easy listening music, or when you want to bob your head to some intense guitar shredding

With that said, if you’re more of a bass-heavy techno head, then this may not be the pair for you. Even when paired to tracks with the hardest hitting bass, it lacks punch, as precise as it is.

With that out of our system, let’s take a look at what the Reference embodies. It’s a pair of headphones with support for Bluetooth 4.0 and the all-important aptX and AAC codecs for wireless music that’s nearly as good as a wired connection. If you still prefer to be tethered, then there’s a 1.2m flat cable with a 2.5mm jack on one end and a 3.5mm jack on the other. The former goes into the right cup, while the latter goes to your music playing device.

Rock hall of famer - KlipschOverall, it’s a beautiful looking pair of headphones that we’d rather not take outdoors for fear of damaging or getting dirt and grime on it. It’s also extremely comfortable to have on, thanks to the memory foam cushions on the cups, as well as under the headband. It has a battery life of about 20 hours as well, so there’s no real worry of it running out of juice. But when it does, you’ll find the MicroUSB charging port under a flap on the right cup. Also on the right cup are the power, volume and play buttons for your intuitive and  use.