The Samsung S8+ gives you more than ever before, enough to entice those who are looking for a new phone.

It’s safe to say that smartphones are a norm now in the world, almost everyone owns
one today. Back then you would only see adults owning a mobile device, but now even
children are seen with their own smartphone or a tablet. Slowly, smartphones are becoming more than just devices you use to call or message someone.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8+, there is now an entire ecosystem prepared to
enhance your mobile experience. Out of the box you’ll first notice the brand new Infinity Display. For those who enjoyed the ‘‘edge” series from Samsung, you’ll definitely find yourself quite at home. The display reaches from side to side without a bezel and curves ever so slightly, providing users with a larger screen, yet keeps the device small in your hands.

The display doesn’t just look great, it also displays everything beautifully. Its colours are excellent and has great vibrancy and depth, which is made much more apparent when
looking at pictures taken with its camera, or when viewing pictures online. Speaking of the
camera, the S8+ definitely has one of the best cameras we’ve seen on a smartphone, taking great photos even when in low light conditions.

At the rear you’ll find a 12MP camera, whilst the front sports an 8MP camera nestled above the screen.

For those who like some extra security on your device, the S8+ comes with an iris scanner
feature. This allowed us to keep our device secured and ready to be unlocked in seconds
without the need to remember security patterns. The feature worked well throughout
our time with the phone, being capable of recognizing us on a constant basis, but you
would need a bit of light for the iris scanner to work best.

When it comes to performance, the S8+ excels in every aspect. It’s equipped with a powerful 10nm processor and 4GB of RAM, ensuring that we had absolutely no issues
with multi-tasking and using apps. The S8+ also achieved excellent scores on all our
benchmarks, so whether you’re surfing the web, or watching videos and playing your favourite mobile games, we were able to do it flawlessly. Do check out Samsung’s DeX
as well, which turns your S8 and S8+ into a workable desktop.

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