Travis - Personal voice translator

The personal voice translator that lets you instantly communicate in over 80 languages.

Here’s a handy gadget that every frequent traveler would love to have. Travis is a personal voice translator that’s capable of translating and communicating in over 80 languages! There are over 6,500 languages on this planet (half of them are probably from here), yet a surprisingly high number of us speak only one or two languages.

Woops, we’re digressing! Back to Travis. Travis is a pocket-sized AI device. It’s able to instantly recognize up to 80 languages and offer instant translations, in just two seconds! If you don’t have any connectivity, it can voice translate 20 languages. If you happen to have earphones or headphones with Bluetooth, you can pair it with Travis (there’s no jack unfortunately). There’s a lot of phone apps out there that offer similar services but Travis is built specifically for face-to-face interactions and you’re less likely to fumble when all you need is one touch.

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